Decorating The Rooftop Terrace


The Peachtree Club’s Rooftop Terrace has been decorated in so many different styles for wedding ceremonies and receptions, that we have lost count of them all.

Our Catering and Event Team have become experts at helping brides achieve their dream wedding. Decorating the Rooftop Terrace may seem like a daunting task, but with

these tips from our experienced staff, your decorations will be guaranteed to impress all of your guests!


Ensuring you have enough chairs for your guests to sit in is the easy part, deciding how to arrange the chairs is the hard part. Keep in mind the time of day the ceremony

or reception will be taking place. If it is at sundown, you may want to have guests face away from the sun. It is also important to consider the size of the aisle to ensure no

one trips or bumps into things when walking down it.


The beauty of the Rooftop Terrace is normally the main attraction, but often brides still want to add a special flare of their own. When considering draping, it is important to

make sure that everything is tied down appropriately to keep anything from blowing away. A good rule is to keep it simple, because you don’t want to have so much decor

that it distracts guests’ attention from the bride and groom. An alternative to fabric draping is lighting. Cafe lights can be draped along the Rooftop Terrace and help provide

a welcoming glow for an evening or holiday wedding.


After the wedding ceremony has finished, the Rooftop Terrace is transformed into a space for the reception. When planning the decor for your wedding, make sure that

it can be used again for the reception, or can be easily moved. This way, less time will be taken away from the festivities! Regardless of the decor you choose, using

these helpful tip will help make any wedding ceremony or reception an event to remember!