To Look or Not To Look

It has always been said that if the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony, bad luck would soon follow.  Well, it seems that many couples today have thrown that ancient superstition out the window (and as far as I know, so far so good). The first look before the ceremony is an overwhelmingly popular trend in the wedding industry today. However, many brides and grooms still prefer to keep the tradition alive by waiting. Which should you choose? Ultimately it should come down to whatever you are most comfortable with and aligns with your vision. But if you are still unsure, here are some benefits of both to help you decide:

To Look


The biggest reason to do a first look is because you get real TIME with them before all of the chaos begins! The day will be rushed and after the ceremony, you will have a limited amount of time to get your pictures together. But, a first look allows a special while to enjoy each other and let it all sink in. It eliminates the stress and also the big gap between the ceremony and reception. You can breathe a little!


It’s magical – just the two of you. A beautiful spot is selected for the groom to anticipate his bride. Your photographers are far enough away to give you the privacy, but close enough to capture the moment. It is completely candid, and makes for some stunning and heartfelt pictures.


When you walk down the aisle, all eyes are on the bride, but everyone is also going to be watching the groom to see his reaction. A wedding may have any range of guests, from 55-300 or more. The groom may be feeling a lot of pressure to react according to expectation. With a first look, his reaction is completely genuine. And you don’t have to worry about it taking away from the walk down the aisle at all. You still get to have that separate, significant experience.

Not to Look


How exciting is it to say goodbye at the rehearsal dinner, knowing that the next time you’ll be together will be when you say your “I do’s”?! Keeping it traditional allows for a build-up to the start of the ceremony. Everyone will be bursting with wonder and joy. Imagine the awe when you finally get to see each other. It will be an emotional and irreplaceable time that all of your guests get to share with you.

You’ll Be Lookin’ Fresh

Most couples do their first look in an outdoor setting. Unfortunately, this raises a risk of getting the dress dirty before the wedding begins. There is a much bigger chance you may drag the train through the dirt, mud, grass, sand, etc. If you don’t do a first look, you know 100% that you will look pristine in your attire at the ceremony.


When you take the wedding photos, you’ll actually be married! The realization will absolutely will be present in the images that are captured immediately after the ceremony. The photo session will basically be a celebration among the bride and groom and the bridal party. You are able to have those fun moments before jumping right into the reception.