Choosing Your Vendor Dream Team

You already found your soul mate, but you are still missing a few important partners that will ultimately assist in piecing together your dream wedding. As a fellow bride-to-be, I learned that this is one of the most exciting, yet daunting tasks. Vendors bring your big day to life. The venue,  florist, photographer, caterer, DJ, hair and makeup stylists, officiant, etc. all work together to deliver your wishes, so it is necessary to carefully consider who you will select to be on your team. Here are some helpful tips to be mindful of when making your decisions:

Start early

The earlier you book your vendors, the better! You may be planning only one wedding, but each set of vendors are planning for multiple at a time. Every vendor may not be available for your saved date, and they are all surely juggling hundreds of requests. If you begin searching in advance, you gain possibilities and have much more time to communicate and set up appointments to nail your expectations.

Venue references are a gift

More often than not, your venue will provide references for vendors that have continuously worked alongside them. Don’t knock them ‘til you try them! These are the vendors that will be very familiar with the space, how to set up, what looks best, and they bring fantastic ideas to your table.  Plus, you instantly are assured that they do a great job for your venue to be so pleased with their services. Of course, if you decide not to use these vendors, no big deal, but they are worth looking into!

Dig some dirt

Do your research. Scope the field and discover what all sorts of vendors have to offer. This is where popular sites such as The Knot and Wedding Wire come into play. Check out the reviews, expense ratings, and online portfolios. The more information you find, the easier it is to narrow down your vendor list and make real progress.

Ask them out

Everyone has favorites. Once you pick yours, schedule a time to meet with them in person. Hand them a clear vision of what you want for your wedding. Discuss your needs and wants. Show them your color swatches. Hear their input. Let the creative flow. Grabbing a cup of coffee with a potential vendor may just turn into a fun and productive date!


The best vendors are the most flexible. Don’t be afraid to ask if they are open to tailoring their package towards your style. Do some mix and match and see what you can come up with together. Just like you, your vendors want your wedding to be as perfect as it can be. You may be surprised to find that they are willing to meet you more than half way!

Thank them

Last but definitely not least, remember to thank your vendors for pulling off your dream wedding! Send them a sweet thank you note or gift. They made your day one to remember, and you owe them a favor.