Do I Need A Wedding Coordinator?

When you begin the journey of creating your dream wedding, whether that dream is an intimate gathering on the beach or a lavish party on a 28th floor Skyline Terrace, one of the big questions you will ask is: Do I need a wedding coordinator?

Below we have outlined the top 5 most important responsibilities your wedding coordinator should provide to help you decide:

Coordinate your ceremony

They will be responsible for gathering your bridal party before ceremony, making sure grandparents, parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen are all in their place and ready to go for ceremony. They will cue the musicians/DJ for when the processional will start and when to change to the next song during the processional. They ensure that everyone walks down the aisle as you have envisioned, cueing each person so that pacing and flow is appropriate. They will also lead the rehearsal the day before so everyone is practiced and ready to go!


Control the Schedule of Events

The wedding planner is the leader of the schedule! For the bride and groom, the evening is going to flash by and the wedding planner will make sure your year of planning happens successfully! There are so many things that must happen on wedding day from taking pictures, cutting the cake, giving toasts, to having your first dance. All of these activities are coordinated carefully so your guests can enjoy them and you don’t need to be checking your watch.


 Communicate with your wedding vendors

As you start planning your wedding, you begin to realize there are many people that will help you on wedding day: caterer, venue, florist, photographer, bakery, DJ, musicians, and the list goes on! Communicating with all of these people the day of your wedding can be stressful. Let your coordinator contact and communicate with everyone so they arrive on time, perform their duties throughout the evening, and clean-up in a timely manner.


Handle your personal belongings

While you have the venue to set-up your tables and chairs and a caterer to cook and prepare your food, your wedding coordinator is there to handle all the little things that may fall through the cracks. There are many items that you as the bride and groom will provide on your wedding day from the candles for the unity ceremony, to your specialty guest book items, place cards and escort cards, toasting flutes, and your favors for guests to take home at the end. Your wedding coordinator can ensure that all these items are getting set-up or distributed to all of your guests and will make sure they go home with you at the end of the night.


Be your advocate

So many people will have an opinion on your wedding and the things you should and should not do. Even on wedding day, guests and vendors may have their own agenda about what they want to do but your wedding coordinator is the one looking out for you! While your other vendors may be focused on getting the best lighting for the picture, or making sure the food comes out hot and delicious, the coordinator is there to focus on you. They are there to represent your thoughts and ideas and make sure they are executed properly. Most importantly, they are there to make sure you can enjoy this day that you have worked so hard to put together.


Having a wedding coordinator is so much more than just lining people up for a ceremony and whether you hire a full wedding planner who will be with you from day 1 to event day, or you have a day-of coordinator who will step in on wedding day, ensure that the above responsibilities are being taken care of. With a wedding coordinator, you can rest assured your wedding will go off without a hitch!

To discuss these responsibilities and more with your Peachtree Club coordinator, please reach out to Lisa or Megan for more information!