“It was just beautiful”

I never considered rain on your wedding day to be good luck, that is, until the Hedden and Tingler wedding.

Trisha and Tony were married on the Peachtree Club’s rooftop terrace on Friday, May 20th. They celebrated with their family, close friends and unfortunately, a little bit of bad weather. Thankfully, though, the terrace awnings were extended, shielding guests from the rain. Nevertheless, I was impressed with the many laughs throughout the ceremony and the loud cheers of excitement when Trisha and Tony were pronounced husband and wife! Then what really made me smile was when I had the chance to talk with the Officiate. We were discussing the rain when he said… “You know, when you’ve done as many weddings as I have, it’s hard to remember which one was which. This one, though…this one will be one to remember. It was just beautiful.”

Vendors ~ Cake: Frosted Pumpkin | Florist: Adaptation | Band: Emerald Empire Band