Pre Wedding “First Look” – A New Idea Breaking Tradition

Traditionally, a bride and her groom part ways the night before their wedding ceremony and do not see each other again until the bride walks down the aisle. Many couples take part in this tradition because they feel that it adds to the excitement and anticipation of the wedding ceremony. Other couples feel like it is bad luck to see each other prior to the ceremony.  A classic wedding photo these couples cherish is the picture of the groom’s face the first time he sees his bride coming down the aisle.

Recently, many couples are deciding to forego this tradition and are instead choosing to meet up for a “First Look” before the wedding.  A “First Look” is when the bride and groom meet up privately away from the wedding party and guests, after they are finished getting ready for the ceremony. This normally is a very personal and emotional event for the bride and groom and often captured in a photo session. This modern twist has many benefits. Meeting before the wedding and having a photo session reduces the amount of time spent taking pictures after the ceremony. This allows the bride and groom more time with family and friends at the reception. Many couples also feel that seeing their “soon to be spouse” just prior to the start of the wedding helps calm them down and helps the ceremony feel more stress free.

The decision to do a “First Look” or not is a very personal choice for a bride and groom. Tell us how you feel about a “First Look” for your wedding! Do you prefer the tradition of not seeing your betrothed prior to the ceremony or would you prefer the “First Look?”