The Day-of Coordinator

The staff at The Peachtree Club knows just how much effort the wedding planning process takes, which is why we want our bride and grooms to enjoy every part of it, stress free! That way when the big day finally arrives, it can be everything they imagined it would be and more. Our Catering and Events Director and Manager can help make this happen by being your day-of coordinator!

A day-of Coordinator…

  1. Helps things run smoothly.

Your wedding is one of the biggest occasions! We want nothing more than for our bride and grooms to enjoy it. As a day-of coordinator, we think of the little things so that you don’t have to. Whether this means keeping track of the timeline, coordinating with staff members or putting together last minute details…we do whatever we can to help make your big day run smoothly.

  1. Works with your vendors.

You’ve spent the last few months booking your DJ, florist and bakery. Now all we want is for you to enjoy the music, flowers and cake! In coordinating we make sure to work with your vendors, providing them with directions, load in and load out instructions and any help they may need in creating a memorable day!

  1. Prevents others from having to step in.

The last thing we would want is for the father of the bride, Maid of Honor, etc. to have to step in and help coordinate. That’s what we’re for! All your dad should have to worry about is getting his daughter down the aisle and for your best friend to be by your side when you hit the dance floor. We strive to create the same, fun and positive experience for your loved ones and guests as we do for you.

  1. Is someone to talk to.

Planning a wedding is hard work! As day-of coordinator, we are someone that you can talk to. We love getting to know our bride and grooms and when we know that they are comfortable and taken care of, that’s makes it all worth-while!

  1. Knows the venue.

In an ideal situation your day-of coordinator would know your wedding venue well. Lucky for you, we do! Because our Catering and Events Director and Manager, Megan and Brittany, can act as your day-of coordinator, this ideal situation is a reality! They know the space and staff well and what it takes to get things done :).

_ _ _

“There are so many things about a wedding that are fun, special, and unique, but my favorite part is seeing the bride right before she walks down the aisle. As she’s standing there you can tell that all of the hard work has paid off from the excited look on her face. She knows that her big moment has finally come! – Being a part of such a personal moment makes all of the work necessary and it makes me so grateful that I can share in such a special moment with each couple.” – Megan Partington: Catering and Events Director

“I enjoy watching all of the details come together. Weddings have so many moving parts – the florals, DJ, timeline, menu…But it’s the personal touches that display a bit of the bride and groom’s character that make every single wedding beautiful and unique!” – Brittany Cleland: Catering and Event Manager